Friday, 1 March 2013

Knitting under the sun

The days are following each other so fast that March took me by surprise – I hadn’t posted anything 2 months already. That there had been days when I really wanted to post things but something new appeared and I forgot. Also dealing with different internet connections while travelling has reduced my willingness to post. But the main reason – I hadn’t seen my sewing machine for past two months thus nothing new to show!
Of course, I managed to keep myself busy. Knitting is one thing that can be done on wheels and I took few bags of Swedish yarn (100% wool) with me. 

So I had started the first cardigan somewhere between Manchester and Birmingham and finished it between Calais and Lyon. The vest was started not far away from Perpignan and finished just beyond Barcelona and then the second cardigan was started somewhere on the Med coast under the palm trees and soon it will hit the road back to Wales – if no other qualities, at least they will stand out as well travelled one.

Now all three had been completed and nearly all yarn is gone. So far I hadn’t seen any interesting yarns in Spanish shops except totally overpriced acrylic so I’m left with some balls and silly felting wool bits to keep my busy from now on – if you would know how much I miss my old friend Singer! 

But again – I was very willing to trade it for avoiding the nasty winter. Beaches of the Med right now are quite deserted, weather is very pleasant (+17 C right now) and I just love exploring new places every day.       


  1. It's good to read your blog again. I've missed you while you've been traveling about. Lovely sweaters, beautiful colors.

  2. Hi Ann! I'm still traveling, and internet sucks in some places so yes, I missed here as well. I'm glad to be back but also sad because this will probably continue few more months, But I promise - when I will be back, there will be a lot to read. I have started a new project, and it will be posted here! So keep checking sometimes, in few months there will be a lot to read!

  3. this is wonderful - to travel! :) have a nice days!
    will wait you here!