Sunday, 30 March 2014

The back done

The top is now all properly starched, ironed and rolled up, waiting for the batting to be delivered. And so is the bottom layer. Instead of just letting it be gray, I used a lot of lefowers to spice it up. Colours are all wrong as picture was taken by using flash, but the general idea is there. It was fun.

And the best part - the editor finished the first reading, so my draft is starting to shapen up now. Yay! So happy!. This had been a really great Sunday especially as the weather was great. Tomorrow we are promised some rain and even snow again as temperatures are dropping already now. Yikes! I demand spring!

So as usual, there are great things and some not so great.  

Saturday, 29 March 2014


So this one is done. Sorry for the angle of the picture but as I have no wall to hang it, I took the picture standing on the dining room table - it's king size after all.Fabric is mostly cotton satin, not the easiest to work with but so shiny, vibrant colours!

As I hoped, I finished the borders. As I didn’t plan, batting didn’t arrive yesterday and not even today. So waiting game has started! When such hiccup happens, I hate it, I really do.

So most likely instead of carrying on this one I will be hopping back on my pheasant project. Geese and a Weimaraner, some butterflies and daffodils, plenty of daffodils for the weekend.

I was so annoyed that I went out tonight and got a bag of my favourite Tanzanian coffee. It will keep my spirits up. It always does. The divine aroma of a good coffee! 
Just made myself a big cup for the perfect Friday night. I already treated myself with "King's speech", now some Jelly Splash and blog browsing... What can be better?  

Thursday, 27 March 2014


81 blocks in two evenings... okay, they are really simple but still – for cutting and sewing even the simplest one needs eyes so yes, people, I’m back in full! I love my new eye drops! 

What else I managed today? Survived the shopping tour with my youngest (three pairs of skinny jeans, two jumpers and five tops) and paid a visit to my bellowed dentist (does words like “root canal” brings nice memories to you too?).
Shopping with my grumpy tomboy who is going through “purple” phase right now was much worse than the dental appointment. Jeans were the easy part, all we needed to do – select the right length, and then choose. Jumpers also were easy as she likes big ones with polo necks, but the tops... Why all of them, nearly all have so low neck lines, designed only for big bosom? On my skinny 11 yo who is still far away from even considering about her first bra, all these tops looked hopelessly stupid.  Draughty, I would say. Finally she managed to find few ones in which she felt comfortable enough, but it was a lo-o-ong search!   
So all in all it has been a rather busy day and quite productive one as well. 

 Tomorrow I’m planning to sew it all together and sort out the borders as well. And my main challenge for tomorrow is – will I get the batting delivered or not? I found online one offer, a real bargain, and now just keeping my fingers crossed.... 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


For last few weeks I got really worried. I put the pheasant quilt aside. Tried working on the next project but it wasn’t a big success either. My eyes started to play up.
My whole life I had been wearing glasses and even with them my vision was just bearable. But I was used to it – I concentrated on small things for which my eyes were perfect. I carried around camera with 22X lens so I always was able to take a closer look if I really needed like when watching eagles or trying to spot something across the valley. I was really used to such a life.

About 3-4 months ago I started to feel my eyes then and there, but past two weeks were really dreadful. I wasn’t able to sew, cut materials, pick up colours. Every attempt to do anything provoked only blurry patches and horrendous headaches.  I needed to say good bye even to my favourite evening luxury – laying down with a book for a page or two – reading made my eyes so tired that half page was the most. The same with the computer.
As my eyes felt tired, I felt tired and sleepy while in reality there was no reason to hide in the pillow.... What I will do without my eyes? Write? Read? Enjoy making things? Impossible! So yes, I was rather worried.  
Today I went to a good doctor, private, to be sure that all is checked out properly. And guess what – my poor eyes are still in a surprisingly good nick! All this rubbish was caused only by a dry eye syndrome! Okay, to sound more impressive, I can announce that I have keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or if you like this one better – xerophthalmia. Whatever name you prefer, it’s rather common thing for postmenopausal women.  
Let’s see. I have extreme myopia already in one eye, and severe one – in other. Then there is anisometropia due to the severe vision difference between two eyes. Now I have this xerophthalmia. If it will continue like this, I will need a list to carry around as there are too many clever words for just two simply bad eyes.
I got my drops and I feel better already. Well, drops just made my life a little bit less painful, but the relief that nothing really bad is going on, is fantastic burden off my shoulders. I still will be able to enjoy making things, and WATCH life going past. Yay!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Now starting to build up the background

Yesterday I was too exhausted so I did nothing. So I worked twice as hard today between running to pick up child from hospital, big shopping tour, cooking, laundry and other mundane things.
So I completed the female and now it’s attached in the position to male, and started to work on the central background panel. I can‘t say that I’m happy with everything but slowly it is starting to turn into right direction.
This probably will be my only appliqué quilt, not exactly my kettle of fish, but this I will complete. My target date is the last day of March, even better, if I will complete earlier.