Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A bit of a mystery

I haven' t forgotten the blog and sewing, but my life still is run by bigger projects. I can proudly report that house has a new roof on, electricity is done and (my major job) - orchard and basic garden planted. These past months had been filled with hard, hard work, but major things are starting to make at least some sense - road through the wood must be completed, polytunell erected, house garden is still a mess. but.... we are getting there, we are (or so we believe).

So... nothing in the crafty mode to show. (Only sewing I had done in past 6 mo had been patching up my working trousers. ) But! there is always a hope, and for that my DH for Xmass gave me another Singer treadle. I wanted 15k, and I got one.... Ish. It is a bit of a mystery.

According to it' s  serial number, it has been made in Germany in 1915. But instead of a German badge it has one in English. So... Export market? Wait a minute? Exporting sewing machines  from Germany to UK in 1915? It's WWI! So I' m scratching my head and trying to solve this mystery.

On mine  badge looks like this - in English

If it' s made in Germany, Wittenberge badge should look like this