Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Above clouds

Rural areas are great but when your nearest supermarket is 35 km one way, it might feel a bit too remote even for me. But! When the route is offering the views like they have here, shopping trip miraculously turns into a breathtaking experience and well worth the bitter fuel price.  

Finally the first boletes are here! Yum-yum! In a nice cream sauce they are gorgeous! I was screening the nearby forests but didn’t see any until the locals explained that the season starts at the top forests and moves down. Voila! Now I know the trick of early boletes – you just search for them higher up in mountains. This time of the year you must be looking at 1500 m altitude or even higher. 

The other thing here is  butterflies. I haven’t seen so many for years – each day I see few hundreds of them, happily dancing around. And different birds of prey like hawks! They are in abundance here, every day in flocks circling over your head, screening their kingdom. 

But overall there are mountains, fantastic valleys and more mountains.... I’m totally in love with Pyrenees.

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