Wednesday, 16 October 2013


My journey continues. I’m still soaking in the beauty of Pyrenees. Last couple of months I learned completely different Spain than usual yellowish dry grass around Ibiza decorated with few bougainvilleas. 

Like moss as lush as you can find in the best rainforests! And I’m on the Med climate side of the mountain; the Atlantic climate border is still some 30 km away. 

The weather... Have you seen a foggy morning in mountains when mist drops down? 

It is fab-luss! My camera gives only a poor resemblance of the breathtaking beauty. 

 The clouds like a stream run down the slopes, making a mountain disappear and appear within just few minutes. 

I try to walk every day, enjoying autumn flowers and beauty of mushrooms.

As usually in October, my knitting bug hit me hard again. Knitting is very seasonal thing for me – I do not knit from April till September, but at the beginning of October the yarn stash is out even if I’m still in T- shirt like right now.  It’s addiction, very hard to cure. 

So I dag deep, collected all the leftovers and tried to capture all the colours of the autumn. The hat and the scarf with pockets. It is so crazy in colour so I named it after the famous Cathedral in Barcelona – I’m quite a fan of Gaudi myself. 

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  1. beautiful pictures .. very atmospheric xx love the bright colours in the knitting.. a great contrast x