Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The time of the year

This is the time of the year when I put down any big projects and play with little things for Christmas. I believe in handmade presents (maybe I'm just avaricious LOL). Usually I do a lot of knitting, but this year I decided to downsize even more so there will be little tree decorations. So... I hadn't been laying lazy all last month, I had been sewing like mad these little things.
2 inches approx eac, only the angel is a bit bigger.
Ginger bear

Angel (can sit on top of the tree as well)
Hearts with Rudolph

Headgehog (front)
Hedgehog (back, glass beads
Wrapping usually is a hard task, especially for a bunch of little ones, so I just made a little shoulderbags where they all can sit in homely, and when all the little ones are on the tree, the bag can be used as a ... bag. It's only 8X8 inches, so good only for a pear of gloves, phome, and maybe a purse as well.

As for me - I got my X mass present already - Ben&Jerry. No, not an ice cream, no, these are pair of family heirloom. 

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  1. The bird is wonderful, and I'm in love with that purse and your kitties!