Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Busy week

This weeks to-do-list is simple: two jobs.

One job done today, one to do.

This week is all about math.

It was supposed to be like that:
rather simple, nearly ideal lifetime arithmetic. 

 But the life bent and twisted the four rules of arithmetic into something like this 1+1+2 (+1) -1= 1+3 -1-1-1= 1
which I disagreed strongly. 

I tried to change it to 1+1= 2(+3) but no way, life kicked back at me this one 

((1+1+2(+ 1) – 1)+((1+3(+1))+ (+1+1))(+2)) +1. 

Today was one little part of this formula, one simple 1+1, which I was walking towards for last 3 years step by step. Adoption. Today it finally happened. 
The rest of this math is left for the weekend.

As a result sewing machine is doomed to sulk alone in the corner and - strange enough - it doesn't bother me at all.

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