Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lone star top

The last day of the last year I managed to finish my Lone Star top.

Weather wasn't nice and my cloth line too low for this one (it's again on the big side) so sorry for poor picture but I must admit that this is the first top which I actually are happy with. It's rather precise, no major mistakes, the true colours are very rich, and it looks great.

Oh, and there are a matching pillow cases for it as well. This is also the first one when I can name the fabric - most of it is Paisley Park by Moda, which I won from Kansas Troubles Quilters, one fabric is vintage SOULEIADO, BY SOCIETE CHARLES DEMERY "TISSU", and the red background is a rich cotton sateen.

On the first day of this year I happily started on rather small by size but my most important project for this year - the first quilt for my first grandchild! I 'll be talking about it a lot (a quilt, I mean!), but a bit later.


  1. Great job, Ann! This is such a vibrant piece, I absolutely love the frame, too. Is it quilted yet?

  2. its also ENORMOUS! well done x ooh! baby quilts .. waiting to see what you decide to make x

  3. Congratulations on needing to make a baby quilt.
    Love the red Lone Star. Very beautiful.

  4. Diane, it's not enormous - it's 100X100" When quilted, it will shrink a bit as well, so just for the proper size double bed.

  5. A spectacular Lone Star Ann! I really love the way the color spreads form the center - it looks like it is growing!

  6. Wow, this has turned out beautifully. I am very impressed with your piecing and love your background fabric: it gives the quilt a really rich, opulent feel.