Saturday, 28 March 2015

Murder, she wrote...

As I suspected, shit had hit the fan.  After our not-so-romantic failure of a homesitter, my  dear husband and child went to France, leaving me behind to look after our dogs and cats. Missing holidays in France was a hard blow, but something I can survive. But! 

They also went ... house hunting!  Without me!!! For me it qualifies as plain domestic abuse.  And as I suspected, the worse possible scenario has happened. They bought a house in Southwest. A farmette in Charente.  A man and a 12 yo child bought a home. Without me! 

All I have is few pictures taken by our 12 yo who is blissfully happy about the choice because our next door neighbours will be the riding stables. Good for horses and maybe... for gardening.  And extremely happy husband who called right now to tell that he already has done all the measurements and has made all the design plans for our house.... 

I’m sitting here steaming. Totally and utterly pissed off.  Murder, she wrote...


  1. NOW... you never know it might just turn out to be ... well OK!! lol x fingers crossed x

  2. Oh Ann! My Oh My would i be steaming too! Well...Maybe it will be can hope!

  3. Hopefully all will be well. Lots on still this week but I will be in touch soon Diane

  4. Wow - I get that he is spontaneous but this would have pissed me off too!