Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rain, rain, go away

There had been not much fun for past few days. We had planned a trip to Chester but the rain was a bit too much for me to decide on the trip. Plus here were flood warning and I was putting stones in the yard to check out on raising water. Right now outside my window looks like this. And no, it's not a river, it's pastures. OK, were pastures just few days ago :D

As the weather hadn't been kind, I have done a lot - finished one quilt top and I'm half way the other. And on the side while fighting with flu, I started to make a Teddy Bear. Just for fun. You know, Christmas is just around the corner.
Yesterday I spent a day in forest, picking mushrooms and later I made a rich, creamy mushroom sauce with potatoes. Yummm!
Weather forecast is not encouraging - in next 24 hours we may get another 40 mm of rain which probably will bring the former little stream right into our dining room. Well, another semi-sleepless night ahead. Do not worry - I can swim :D !

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