Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bosworth and bears

As weather goes up and down we simply do follow. As yesterday was a nice day we went to Bosworth battlefield. Not so much to see except the fantastic vies from the top of the hill but so much for the imagination to roam in the depths of the British history. You know... red and white roses, Richard III and that entire bit from your school books... It is weird to stand there and realise that it happened here, it really happened HERE...

Sometimes when you go to historic sites like this all is so crowded, so tourist orientated shit that I simply can’t get the feel at all – simply another Disneyland but yesterday there was perfect – just few people around, the low autumn sun and the crisp air – you just close your eyes and you can hear the swords being sharpened, horses stomping the ground, nervously whispered prayers... It was in the air yesterday, at least for me. 

And then the full moon and serene walk in the woods with dogs...

On the other hand, yesterday I finished the shell of the first bear and started the second. 

I try a bit different pattern, change this and that, until I will find my favourite size and shape - something that I really like. For the first one I made quite wide head gusset so Teddy has a very big, weird shaped head, a bit like ostrich head. 

The second one I will try a bit more classical, with narrow gusset, so it looks more bear head shape, not such an alien. Then it will be time to reduce ear shape as well. It is so much fun to play with patterns and try them out. I use the cheap faux fur and plastic eyes, so materials cost about 2 pounds per bear – not a big deal, I can experiment like that for a long time. 

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