Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stay calm and keep knitting

This past week had been full of adventures if excess amount of water can be called an adventure. We run from one flood to stumble upon another and at some point I caught myself in rolled up jeans walking through calf deep freezing water to find a higher place for my dogs potty break. Nor me nor dogs had wellies so it was quite exciting experience, especially for my energetic Dachshund. Good job that he does not mind swimming.
Then a Jaguar slowly hit our car's front door (again, blame the rain, visibility was really poor at that moment) - insurers decided that car will be a write off.... And then my mouse took a coffee break - now it has so much white coffee in it that I need to get a new one who would be not so allergic to coffee. Imagine fun working in Photoshop without a mouse. It's possible, of course, it is actually possible, but it just takes ages to do even the smallest things. So quite a week I would say.

So what I do to keep my sanity? I knit. I just keep calm and carry on knitting. So far this flood time has resulted in 7 mittens (3 pairs already finished, one for the 4th pair completed, and another half way right now - so I keep steady pace  - a mitten per day or a pair in two days.

As UK has been promised more rain all week long, at the end of this flood I will probably have enough mittens to supply everybody, polar bears included.

Och, yes, today I completed the quilting on another bed spread. So not a bad week regarding my indoor projects but that means that trip to Scottish west coast will be delayed for another week or so.

And then most likely it will be it - off to warmer and dryer places. I'm sick of this weather with wet feet and running nose.

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  1. Oh dear it all seems to be happening at once for you. I hope the rain soon stops and you get back to normal living. Despite it all you knitting is beautiful. Keep well Diane