Thursday, 8 November 2012

Where the time goes?

The days are running so fast! I had finished another quilt and made two more creatures but had not had time to take pictures to post here. I also wanted to take pictures of our fireworks on the Guy Fawkes Night but was so carried away that I hadn't made one worth posting! Silly me because we had a great one this time. Even police arrived to check what we are doing but didn't find anything wrong. 

I have started a new top for the quilt, using a triangle shape pieces. Pale orange with different shades of quite light blue. I usually use bold colours so this time I wanted to experiment with something pale. So far it looks quite promising but I'm still not sure about the final product. 

And yesterday I finally took out all my knitting bags, sorted out yarns and now for long dark evenings there will be another thing to do. I'm not great fan of TV, so knitting is my favourite wintertime entertainment at night. I never knit in summer, but when the winter knocks on the door, needles are out.



  1. keep safe and warm xx... those needles are going to be busyxx

  2. Love that photo, but I agree where does the time go to...... Never enough hours in the day or night!! Take care Diane