Thursday, 21 August 2014

O happy day! I'm back!

Skipping and dancing around the table! I finally ... FINALLY.... finished quilting the pheasant quilt! Hurrah!

I must admit there were moments when I was ready to rip it apart, wrap tightly and hide in the deepest drawer, or drown in the sea...

Right now, before washing, it contains about two pints of my own sweat ( I carried on at +38 C in shade), daily from March till August. And now the quilting is done. My biggest project so far. And hardest.

I took advice about practicing on quilting, and slowly I'm getting there. The quilt is very densely quilted, just for practice, overall about 25 standard 400 Y spools of yarn for the top (the same amount went for the bobin). Of course, there are still plenty of mistakes, but I can see some improvement in my quilting so it was well worth it.

Tomorrow it will be washed and all that, but in general it's DONE! WHOOP-WHOOP!

So now it's time to tidy up the scrap bag - the minute pieces of scrap had built up past the last 6 months. Already divided the leftpvers into three colour schemes and will put as much of these bits together - plenty for few quite large blocks. 


  1. Ann, I am sitting here with my jaw dropped. Your pheasant quilt is exquisitely beautiful! Thank God you persevered because your efforts were more than worth it! I actually thought this was an embroidered piece until I saw that it is densely quilted. Bravo!

  2. This quilt is just stunning!! It is a work of art with your beautiful quilting! The textures make it so interesting and different.

  3. Your pheasant quilt is absolutely stunning! What a work of art! I am totally wowed by it. Huge whoop-whoop!!!

  4. WOW! This is incredible! I can hardly believe you quilted that all yourself! Have you thought about entering this into a quilt show? It's blue ribbon material in my humble opinion!