Sunday, 31 August 2014


These are not only two nice bolettes, these are also the symbol of Jumis and are supposed to bring me luck. 
We have had plenty of rain for past few weeks and now forests are bursting with mushrooms, especially boletes.
We are rather paganic nation, with loads of gods and deities roaming around our culture. One of such deities is Jumis who personify the harvest.

This deity was believed to live in the fields thus the symbol of Jumis is two stylized, crossed corn stalks, and we believe this symbol is one of prosperity and good fortune.
Any Jumis signs, found in nature (like two nuts grown together, or like in this case – two boletes) were kept at home for prosperity and fertility – simply the good luck sign, similar like four-leaf clover

Anyway, autumn is in the air and first jars of mushrooms and Rowan Berry jelly are stored away already. 

I also started to tidy up slowly my this year's scrap bag. It’s not even a project yet and maybe never will, but at least instead of unruly bags with rubbish I can stack some neat blocks.  

Oh, and I already have started a new project. After pheasants comes the horse. 

It’s not just a horse, it’s THE horse – one rather feisty red mare, who will gallop all over this  quilt. Her name is Oga. So, Oga quilt is on the table now.


  1. Oga looks very intriguing Ann and I look forward to seeing where you run with her!

  2. Oga is very interesting. I really like your scraps turned into quilt squares. Very pretty. I'm going to join up to see further developments. (Love your name, AnnX)