Friday, 12 September 2014

OGA top

Today I completed the top of Oga quilt. This time no short cut applique, only proper paper piecing.

The quilt already has official name and the song to go along to it but that all I hope to tell next time when the quilting will be done.

The quilt is quite large, about 110X110".

The background is very bare this time, but I want to play a bit with fancy quilting.

The rough borders might seem strange but they do have meaning. 

This is the sign of Usins, the god of horses, bees and light in Latvian mythology. The symbol of Usins represents the Sun's chariot - the part in the middle represents the chariot, while the two E's - the horses. 

 So this symbol's job is to protect Oga, the horse in the center.
At the corners I put so called Laima’s broom - the symbol to bring luck. Laima is goddess of Destiny; she determines whether one's life will be short or long, fruitful or poverty-stricken, carefree or worrisome. Laima’s broom is among the most acient of Baltic symbols.

This symbol's job is to bring luck to the horse and her owner. 
This sign belongs to Zalktis (grassnake). Zalktis is the deity of general well-being and fertility, a sacred creature protected by goddess Laima, known also as the envoy of other gods. To harm one brings terribly bad luck. This sign is very ancient, also dating from the Iron Age, and is seen often on the borders of shawls.

So this will take care of general well-being of the owner. 


  1. This horse is great - your piecing must be very good. I really like the symbols around the edge (so thank you for explaining what they mean) - you are sewing luck into the quilt. I'll look forward to seeing this one finished.

  2. Ann this is an amazing quilt - I thought the symbols and what they stand for are very special! Oga's owner is going to love this quilt!