Wednesday, 23 September 2015

French surprise

So, I finally moved to France, nearly 2 months ago and only yesterday we finally got Internet. So I should be able to come up with great post but sadly I have nothing to report.
My patchwork is done with cement right now, my stiches are brambles in the forest (my arms are badly scrached, worse than any sewing :D ).
The only sewing related thing happened when I was taking apart an old, collapsed chickecoop behind the fig tree. It was like a week untangling ivy shoots out of wires, move all the collapsed roof tiles and so on.... nothing exciting really. When I finally reached the bottom of the coop, where the feeds had been, something like cardbord started to rattle under my feet. I pulled that piece of plastic out and.... Little surprise!

Whiped it down with a wet cloth and it started to shine. There are few dents but nothing I can't restore.

Oh, and I finally got my last Singer, model 96, home, but it is still unpacked and probably will stay that way for loong - my future sewing room right now looks like this - the price you pay sometimes for living in as near Paradise as humanly possible.

So far most of garden had been cleared, some forest as well, vinyard seems to be beyond repair so new one will need planting.

The best news - as I can't sew, I'm running around all day long doing heavvy jobs and have lost quite a lot of weight despite all the gorgeous French food. Yay!


  1. at least the moving is DONE and you can concentrate on getting settled ... eventually x

  2. Congratulations on the move - I hope this means all your family health scares are well and truly behind you. It sounds like you are very busy but any regime that lets you lose weight whilst making the most of French food has a lot to recommend it!