Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Somewhere half way

One top is ready, other - other half must be put together, and then just borders for both. And second teddy will be sewn together today. So all in all - I'm somewhere half  way with all my current projects.

I'm quite pleased with the first top just because it's the first one I PLANNED before - made the drawing, counted the numbers of pieces in each colours and so on. The second one is just leftovers from the first one, but all in all it will be bearable at the end - most materials are nice cotton sateen.

With the bears... I'm just starting. I want finish these two so I can move to the next one, the idea of which is already starting to spin in my head. By some unknown reason, toymaking is so much fun for me.

Until then - this pile must be turned into a little cuddly one. Adjusted gusset looks better but the next one will have completely different design - just for more fun. 


  1. The patchwork is superb, love the design and colours. Take care Diane

  2. Thank you, Diane! The first one is a copy in general, from a very old family treasure now falling apart. The original is kept by one branch of the family, copy will go to another for Christmas.

  3. You have been busy! The colors are my favorites, so of course, I love both quilt tops.