Tuesday, 17 December 2013

When a headache will be just a headache again?

The waiting game continues...
Last night child didn’t feel well. Drowsy and sleepy but unable to sleep, complaining about headache in the left lobe. We stayed up late, keeping an eye on her...
I’m wondering when all this will settle in? When a complaint about a headache will not make me jump up high worried that it might be another bout coming, when a headache will be just a headache again?  When I’ll learn to live with all this?
Killing time while in hospital I started to crochet a little handbag but since we returned I haven’t touched it – I just can’t put my mind into it. I will finish it, sure, but when? 
I keep lurking around the quilting blogs, voted on Christmas quilt on Quiltingallery, but I can't compose myself even thinking on anything myself. Maybe, maybe I will pull myself together to make a toy or two. 

Instead I would like to talk with other parents of a MS child, I would like to find an active online community where I would be able to ask questions and get some consolation but... With all my efforts I can’t find any.
Sure, there are some but the ones I found are slow and not actively populated. If you see a topic after a topic getting only few answers over quite a long period of time, there is no point even asking.
Helplines are even worse because answers they can offer you are so PC and regulated, so “trained”.
So all in all, when something like this hits you, you are left alone. Gaining knowledge and the wealth of experience to build your opinions on can’t be gained in just a few days so...
When, oh when a headache will be just a headache again?


  1. you dont want to "get used to it" so always be alert and give her love and support x Have you asked at the hopital if there are other parents there who can offer support advice and help x

  2. Diane, we are in Spain right now so finding a society here would not help much as our Spanish and Catalan is veryy rudimental still. While we were in hospital, in the paedriatic wards were no other paients with similar diagnosis. According to what our dr said, they had two similar cases (ADEM) last year.