Sunday, 22 December 2013

One littleblack thing

In between everything else, I started to crochet whilesitting at the bedin hospital. I do not like very little piddly jobs but this one I picked deliberately to keep my mind busy.
Yesterday I finally completed it. A little black hedgehog/portupine bag for a friend, a very good friend.

Pictures are not great, it is so hard to take photos of black objects, especially with flash indoors, but hope you get the idea.

I used the 1.5 mm hook, so it is quite a piddly job.:D Today it already went to Bilbao for Christmas.

So see, I keep on trying to work on something. I really do.It calms me down a bit.


  1. this is so funny .. dont know if it is supposed to be .. made me laugh out loud xx well done LOVE it x Hope you manage to have some kind of peace this Christmas time xx

  2. Great! If it made you laugh, than I got it right!