Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free motion quilting

While in general I’m still doing nothing, there are others working hard for me. Yesterday I studied a bit of free motion quilting.... by sea. 
 I must admit, sea is an expert and creates some fantastic stuff even without a long arm machine. 

Look at these beauties!
So it is rather difficult to open the sewing machine still - competition is too hard! 
There are so many distractions – all around here is pine forest and as I have discovered, the first chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) of the season are out! Yay! They are gorgeous in cream sauce. 

Och, and then there was the Summer Solstice to celebrate which we do all night long (the next day is public holiday here). Big bonfires, a lot of singing and dancing with ocassional beer and BBQ on the side... One must have time to recover after that, right?  
So I’m spending more time lurking around and watching the Nature doing all the jobs.

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  1. Got to love that holiday! I've got to see where you are. We don't have that holiday.