Friday, 6 June 2014

Whoop – whoop! Vacation time!

Yesss, that’s right. Tomorrow I’ll finish the last bits and then I’ll be off! Vacations! 

I can’t say that I’m jumping up in the air because I’m too tired right now but yes, holiday spirit is in the air.

Today I finished my last job before the overall laziness starts – tidied up my sewing room. You know – the off cuts hanging here and there, scrap bag full and shelves stacked with different bits and pieces. I really am not the tidiest person.

leftovers of leftovers went into the back, 
nothing left hanging around
So I just put all the off-cuts together yesterday and did the fast and very basic quilting today (appalling, I know), and now the room is much tidier and dogs will have a new settee cover to stretch out. Win-win situation except the blisters. 

After yesterday’s marathon of sewing I woke up this morning with three huge blisters in my right palm. After a thought or two (I’m not very good at that early in the morning) I come to conclusion that the blisters appeared because of ironing. Never ever had ironing blisters in my life (remember, I’m not the housekeeping goddess). 

For my holiday laziness I am planning to take with me few pieces of fabric and a needle – I’m planning to play around with some appliqué but you know how it is with holidays...

So in general I can officially admit that this is my last quilt until autumn.  Right now it's happily rolling in the washing machine and that's it then. Summer!

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  1. That looks like such a good bright quilt and the quilting - what a lot of work, and it looks great! Have a lovely break/rest, well deserved.