Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tutorial for my H2H quilt top

This is actually a very easy pattern.
First of all, I buy fabric by metres, usually one metre or so. The standard width approx 160 cm.  My favourite tool for measuring/cutting is 1m metal ruler, 4 cm width. 

For this pattern I used 5 colours, cut in stripes 2:1:2 (the red stripe is 4 cm, the rest – 8 cm in width, the length is approx 160 cm for this fabric) . 

So I sew 3 strips together, leaving the red in middle.

Then I measure the width of the sewn together strip – approx 18 cm in this case.

Next step – I make a paper square, 18 cmX18 cm. Using the paper square, I draw lines and cut the stripe in squares (8 squares out of one stripe in my case, about an inch leftover). 
For my quilt I made 4 stripes of gray/beige and 4 stripes of grey/green, keeping the middle stripe the same red. 

So now you must have 32 squares of one colour scheme, and 32 with another. (If you are a precise cutter, that’s it, if you are like me, then I recommend to go over the cut squares by another paper square 16X16 cm for more precise job, and cut the uneven bits off. Oh, and ironing, of course!). 

Divide squares of each colour scheme in two, then cut 16 squares diagonally one way and other 16 – the other way.   
Don’t cut all the squares one way – remember, half one way, half – the opposite! 

Now just decide which combination you like and sew the diagonal cut together. 

You must end with a square something like this. 

The rest is easy – join the blocks by 4, using the same narrow red stripe, then new, large blocks again by 4, still using the red stripe for joint, and voila – top is ready.

When you are at final 4 large blocks, you can also decide to change orientation and end up with a centre orientated pattern, if you like.

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  1. That is such an effective quilt top - a stunning pattern and the instructions are so clear, thanks heaps for putting it together and making something for such a good cause.