Sunday, 22 June 2014

Medieval drawings

Holidays or not, I can’t sit all day long, contemplating my navel so I took few things with me on the camping trip, including my belowed sewing machine LOL.  
 I haven’t started jet but the big plan is to quilt the Pheasant quilt without usual rush and dedlines. I’m determinate to get quilting into my fingers.  Just imagine sitting at your sewing machine in sand dunes, overlooking the sea!

But for the interim I started playing  with the idea I was brewing for few years but never really had time for it. I admire Medieval paintings and drawings very much, especially the early period.
I have a quilt in mind to play with some Medieval style application. I definitely want to play a bit with needle turn applique and give hand quilting a try. I think all these things fit well together – Medieval art, needle turn applique with a bit of rough embroydery and hand quilting. 

For the beginning  I need a bit of medieval style to get in my fingers so I started with a rough copy of one of the Bestiary’s animals, just for some practice. It took me three days (and two seasons of Downton Abbey LOL) to go so far which probably means a block in two weeks. Maybe at the end I will run out of time and it will become my first lurking UFO but it has been a good fun so far.  

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  1. That is so beautiful! I haven't seen a combination of fabrics and stitches quite like that before! I am working on a hand appliqued 40" tile quilt of a Madonna and Child portrait from the Byzantine era. I'll send you a picture of its progress soon.

    BTW, remember that giveaway you held a couple of years ago and you sent me a fat envelope full of soviet era cards and stuff? My now 16 yr old daughter finally reached a point in her history lessons where they covered post world war 2. The last week of school she was allowed to bring in some of that collection. The other students in the class were fascinated by it. Next year, she will be studying the cold war and the Vietnam war in History class and plans to bring that envelope back in for that class as well.

    Thanks so much!