Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Since my last post I had been very busy. I finished the autumn colour quilt and 3 more bears - they all are waiting for the better weather to take pictures. Today I finished the knitted dress for one of the bears - what a fun, I feel like a child again :D

In between the jobs I learnt my first word in Welsh - ARAF. Driving in places is quite interesting thing especially when you see the ARAF approaching. To cut long story short - I spent one fantastic week in Wales. If you had been there, you will understand. If you haven't jet, I really do recommend. It's definitely worth it. Pictures I had been taking do not show even the 10% of the wonderful views there. Probably I would need camera with different filters and such and way more knowledge to show it in full colours.

Travelling around this time of the year has some pluses and minuses. First of all - there are no tourists at all anymore so a big plus for me. Weather in turn is a minus but at least it throws some reality into the tourist daydreaming. It's wet. Simply wet, raining or not. Right now I would like to find myself in the desert with humidity level no more than 25% :D

But again... It was a beautiful trip for me. 

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