Friday, 26 October 2012

Its all about fairy tales

Well, long before Harry Potter films nearly every fairy tale started with the Prince or Princess, and all of them lived in castles, right? So even as an adult when you see a castle, a real one, it still carry some feel of a fairy tale, at least for me. So visiting castles is... is something special.

Caernarfon Castle is one of the famous castles in Wales. Built by king Edward I, now it collects £4.95 from each visitor (and you must add the parking fee as well) so not much different from Edward's time - castle is costly thing for a taxpayer. But even then you simply can't resist. When it is not overcrowded by tourists, there are mere moments when you can get the feel - stomping of heavy feet, horses neighing and occasional bucket of dirty water being poured over the walls... You can look over the sea from the tops of the towers and just imagine standing there hundreds of years ago, watching the horizon and dreaming of an odd sip of whisky in that harsh, deadly wind.

Well, today it looks not so worn off and it is huge. HUGE. If you want, you can spent all day climbing up and down each stears then and there, and simply enjoy the feel. If not, there is about an hour to look around, and visit two small museums - one is for Welsh regiments, the other - of course, for the Princes of Wales. If you are into Royals, you will love there. Not really for me, but still interesting, esppecially seeing Charles so young in the film there. But the most is castle itself.

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