Saturday, 6 October 2012

My first pair

I’m busy bee right now. Weather hadn’t been nice to me so I spent a lot of time in my room. Yesterday I cut over 600 pieces for the next quilt top and right now finished noses of both bears. Now they only need some pretty dresses for Christmas.
The little one is Miranda, that’s definite. Tiny girl, watching after herself very well with a bit of forced smile. I presume she doesn't like this world very much, so many things are going wrong by Miranda. Kids are quite not as well behaved as they were and overall morals are going down, you know... All that stuff is quite upsetting Miranda but she will keep calm and smile. Ladies do, you know.


The boy... By unknown reason to me his name is Rodger.It just is. I think he is a little bit of a dreamer. OK, maybe a Liverpool fan and all that outside but deep inside he is still whistling  "Imagine"... 

I do not like his name very much but things are how they are. Like Miranda. Not my fav name at all, especially for a bear.   

Both have cheap plastic eyes and 5 joints, with bolts. Now I must find what I’m doing wrong as all joints are a bit too loose. Using two washers and two nuts to secure each bolt it needed to be pretty tight, but they are not.

 I will try to add leather washers next time, maybe they will improve the situation. If you have any ideas what I'm doing wrong and tips, please, share your knowledge!


  1. Pēdējā bildīte vnk apburbuļojoša! Kurš no šiem abiem turēja fotoaparātu izstieptā ķepā? ;)

  2. Rodger, of course. He is gadget geek, of course.

  3. Both cute little bears Ann. Try over tightening your joints when you put them in, as they tend to loosen a little when the limbs are stuffed.

  4. Thank you, Bearly Sane. I do so. I use bolt, a metal washer, then the strong, larger leather disc, on the oposite side leather disc, washer and then two nuts, make them as sttrong as possible and... they stay tight for just few movements - then they are loose. Two nuts were supposed to keep the joints strong, like make standing bears, but it does not work for me. Still trying to find the solution. I'm sure, one day I will find a solution - I will try again and again to reach my goals.