Sunday, 18 May 2014


With the big day getting closer I’m overcrowded with project in different stages, but while I’m spending most of the day at sewing machine, busy as bee, I really have no finished project to brag about.

This is the latest project – I would say, my first wall hanging in the making. It’s a tradition to create some memorabilia and my youngsters decided on a wall hanging. So a traditional monogram with three joined letters M (their initials).

I started with several sketches and decided on this one.

Then I made bigger, more precise drawing on a larger piece of paper.
Taped it to the window... 
then on top taped the light pink fabric and with pencil copied the drawing on the fabric.

Then quilted it. So far it had been a simple job, and I’m rather happy. 

The next stages will be a bit complicated as they want some lilac blossoms and the date, and a bit of colour added.... Next week it must be and will be ready and I’m quite interested how all the ideas will work out. 

And on my working table the big quilt is spread out to sandwich it for quilting. It also must be done the next week. Right now there are definitely not enough hours in a day. It’s 3 am now and I will return to thread and needle at least for another hour until I will be able to settle for the night.

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