Friday, 2 May 2014

Dog, puppies and Ukraine

My foster puppies are doing great, running around like loonies, and finally the dog on the left bottom corner of Pheasant Quilt is finished. 

What else to wish for? Nicer weather? Winning a lottery? LOL 

With puppies I have only one problem – I can’t get them on dry food. They have a high quality starter, and Royal Canin puppy food to choose from but they hate both. They prefer freshly made curd with an egg yolk or boiled chicken breast, finely chopped instead. It's not a problem for me, but it will be definitely a problem when they will be moved to the shelter. 

Actually, my head is full not with puppies but with Ukraine. The things are not going great there and I worry that further developments can lead to unpleasant changes in whole Europe. But that’s politics, not quilting.


  1. Both the real and quilted puppies are adorable!

  2. try and stay safe xx you are giving in to those puppy eyes and kisses x