Saturday, 31 May 2014

Done and dusted

Finally the big day is over. In three short words - all went well. It was a rather hectic time so now it’s a big relief for all involved. 

Our weddings while have all the classical elements, also have some special, traditional  twists.
First of all, making a special visit to a special tree – one of the biggest in whole Baltic. Oak is about 500 years old with diameter 9,1 m. Double bells were hang in the highest branches to protect the new couple while some toys were hidden in the hollow of the tree to give some special strength for their future children....
Well, according to the number of potsherds newlyweds managed to make, the poor oak will need a lot of strength.
Then a bit of yarnwork and over the bridge... 

Right into pottery training!
While newlyweds tried to play with clay by themselves,
quests were signing freshly made vase for the special occasion.

After the classical feast and dances, it was time for more traditional activities - fun with ‘Gipsies’ (it has nothing to do with real Romanys – any more or less traditional carnival is called ‘going Gipsies’ here)... 

...before there was midnight and newlyweds were sang to bed,
launching impressive amount of balloons with well wishes right up in the night sky while nightingales were singing like mad, trying to compete with the noisy crowd. 

The next morning it was a wake up song for everybody and then a bit of mandatory pilates before the coffee and some more fun for a day.

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  1. What an interesting wedding! Sounds like lots of fun was had by all! Thanks for sharing your traditions and pictures.