Monday, 5 May 2014


Finally my pheasant top is done, and on the 5th, as I planned to, despite all the puppy fun around! A complete whoop-whoop time for me today! 

Even better – the material which I hoped to use for the back, is exactly as big as I needed to – no need to mess around, adding this and that! 

I bought a piece eons ago and didn’t dare to unfold it before the top is finished – I didn’t wanted to think about a problem before it arises. I unfolded it today, measured and... like I purchased it exactly for this quilt! 

So it's officially then – today is my lucky day! 

Now the ugly part – I hate quilting. As my quilt is rather big, I’ll be fighting with arm space again, and it drives me crazy. So for the next week or so I ‘ll be totally grumpy. I had been studying a lot of quilting close ups on Quilt Inspiration and now I have convinced myself that my quilting skills are not a total disaster but still – I’m dreaming about a space and a long arm.... You are allowed to dream, don’t you? 

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