Thursday, 27 March 2014


81 blocks in two evenings... okay, they are really simple but still – for cutting and sewing even the simplest one needs eyes so yes, people, I’m back in full! I love my new eye drops! 

What else I managed today? Survived the shopping tour with my youngest (three pairs of skinny jeans, two jumpers and five tops) and paid a visit to my bellowed dentist (does words like “root canal” brings nice memories to you too?).
Shopping with my grumpy tomboy who is going through “purple” phase right now was much worse than the dental appointment. Jeans were the easy part, all we needed to do – select the right length, and then choose. Jumpers also were easy as she likes big ones with polo necks, but the tops... Why all of them, nearly all have so low neck lines, designed only for big bosom? On my skinny 11 yo who is still far away from even considering about her first bra, all these tops looked hopelessly stupid.  Draughty, I would say. Finally she managed to find few ones in which she felt comfortable enough, but it was a lo-o-ong search!   
So all in all it has been a rather busy day and quite productive one as well. 

 Tomorrow I’m planning to sew it all together and sort out the borders as well. And my main challenge for tomorrow is – will I get the batting delivered or not? I found online one offer, a real bargain, and now just keeping my fingers crossed.... 

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  1. Love your quilt... nice rainbow effect.