Thursday, 6 March 2014

Birds, birds

This morning I started with cutting material. It went quickly.

Then strips were joined together to create a block. Block was cut diognally and cut in blocks for the pheasant tails.

I decided that 3 birds will be enough, two males and a female. So three different tails were made.

Then another two colours cut in stripes , sewn in a block, cut dioganally and voila - we have material for the wings now!

Then it was rather finicky jobs to put the rest of the pieces together, and I have not finished yet, but all in all not a bad result for a day's work - both males are nearly done, except the red around eyes and beaks.

For tomorrow I have planned to complete these two and then make the female. It mst take less time as her wings and tail are completed already.

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