Saturday, 29 March 2014


So this one is done. Sorry for the angle of the picture but as I have no wall to hang it, I took the picture standing on the dining room table - it's king size after all.Fabric is mostly cotton satin, not the easiest to work with but so shiny, vibrant colours!

As I hoped, I finished the borders. As I didn’t plan, batting didn’t arrive yesterday and not even today. So waiting game has started! When such hiccup happens, I hate it, I really do.

So most likely instead of carrying on this one I will be hopping back on my pheasant project. Geese and a Weimaraner, some butterflies and daffodils, plenty of daffodils for the weekend.

I was so annoyed that I went out tonight and got a bag of my favourite Tanzanian coffee. It will keep my spirits up. It always does. The divine aroma of a good coffee! 
Just made myself a big cup for the perfect Friday night. I already treated myself with "King's speech", now some Jelly Splash and blog browsing... What can be better?  

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  1. Very unique, and the colors go together so well. I hope all the ingredients arrive soon so you can finish it!