Sunday, 30 March 2014

The back done

The top is now all properly starched, ironed and rolled up, waiting for the batting to be delivered. And so is the bottom layer. Instead of just letting it be gray, I used a lot of lefowers to spice it up. Colours are all wrong as picture was taken by using flash, but the general idea is there. It was fun.

And the best part - the editor finished the first reading, so my draft is starting to shapen up now. Yay! So happy!. This had been a really great Sunday especially as the weather was great. Tomorrow we are promised some rain and even snow again as temperatures are dropping already now. Yikes! I demand spring!

So as usual, there are great things and some not so great.  


  1. Lovely quilt in the previous post. Now did I understand that this post has the back? That's the problem with backs--ones like this should be fronts. I think you should make this one into a front too!
    best, nadia

  2. You think this back will not go well with the current front? Actually, I think the problem lays in flash light photography. Because in pictures, I do agree, colours look different, but in real life there are the same fabrics used as at the front. The bright pink in the 'ladder " at the back is the same as the inner border for the front, the different gray shapes are leftovers from the front and so on .
    The only exception is the purple stripes. That fabric I was planning for the top borders initially, but as there were dark gray stripes, it didn't fit in well. It would work if i would make one of the inner borders the same dark geay, but for me it looked like it's tuning down the quilt. I wanted to keep it as bright and light as possible as it is for my oldest daughter, for her very speciall ocassion. I hope when it will be finally ready, I'll be able to take it outside and get the pictures of the true colour balance.