Tuesday, 25 March 2014


For last few weeks I got really worried. I put the pheasant quilt aside. Tried working on the next project but it wasn’t a big success either. My eyes started to play up.
My whole life I had been wearing glasses and even with them my vision was just bearable. But I was used to it – I concentrated on small things for which my eyes were perfect. I carried around camera with 22X lens so I always was able to take a closer look if I really needed like when watching eagles or trying to spot something across the valley. I was really used to such a life.

About 3-4 months ago I started to feel my eyes then and there, but past two weeks were really dreadful. I wasn’t able to sew, cut materials, pick up colours. Every attempt to do anything provoked only blurry patches and horrendous headaches.  I needed to say good bye even to my favourite evening luxury – laying down with a book for a page or two – reading made my eyes so tired that half page was the most. The same with the computer.
As my eyes felt tired, I felt tired and sleepy while in reality there was no reason to hide in the pillow.... What I will do without my eyes? Write? Read? Enjoy making things? Impossible! So yes, I was rather worried.  
Today I went to a good doctor, private, to be sure that all is checked out properly. And guess what – my poor eyes are still in a surprisingly good nick! All this rubbish was caused only by a dry eye syndrome! Okay, to sound more impressive, I can announce that I have keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or if you like this one better – xerophthalmia. Whatever name you prefer, it’s rather common thing for postmenopausal women.  
Let’s see. I have extreme myopia already in one eye, and severe one – in other. Then there is anisometropia due to the severe vision difference between two eyes. Now I have this xerophthalmia. If it will continue like this, I will need a list to carry around as there are too many clever words for just two simply bad eyes.
I got my drops and I feel better already. Well, drops just made my life a little bit less painful, but the relief that nothing really bad is going on, is fantastic burden off my shoulders. I still will be able to enjoy making things, and WATCH life going past. Yay!


  1. so glad to hear that there is a "cre" and you can continue to be productive x I too am a life long glasses wearer and share your fear of loosing what sight you have x

  2. So you know, how it is, Diane! With - 9 D in one eye and -15 D in other I had been limited all my life but still - something is better than nothing. It was fritening me, indeed. So happy it is just dry eye sindrom, nothing else!