Monday, 7 April 2014


I had been busy working all past week but I still has nothing interesting to show.  While I’m brewing the quilting for the purple quilt, I had been working on my pheasant one. I have made all the stems for the edges and way over hundred leaves, but basting and ironing edges of each little piece takes such a long time!  While I always admire the fantastic work of some quilters I knew I am not so keen on appliqué by myself.  Now I know exactly why – LOL. But as I’m still just learning, it’s worth to give it a try, at least once. 
My pheasant one is planned to be a bit kitschy, even a bit sarcastic, and I’m determent to finish it in time, but it’s rather optional, while the purple one simply must be finished until the end of May (I know, still plenty of time).  

So while I’m basting and cursing over my sore fingers, I’m paying much attention to the news and especially current events in Ukraine and thinking a lot about democracy. Is democracy a bit overrated or it is still the best and only way to solve political problems in 21st century?  

Sadly, I have no answer to it.

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