Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A moment of truth

 The big box of cards was on my agenda for today.  Old photos and postcards. You know all these Happy New Year and To my dearest one  and all that crap… Card after a card to be turned over and checked because many of them had been signed by quite famous musicians and artists. Thus they have some cultural heritage value.

So I was working hard and at 5 pm that was it! It hit me hard.  I had been doing this over a month now! I’M FED OFFFFFFFF with all this crap!
I was so close just to throw all the stuff out! And then one picture made my day… Not a post card, a photo, twice as big as a standard postcard (so quite large for the time). The street of a town in a fog. On the back it’s “Dear brother! Sending You this to show that not all about this war is straight forward. A lot of fog as well! Your Albert” After all these stupid glossy flowers and just another Kaiser Wilhelm on the horse… Just one pure moment of life…. A little glimpse into the reality!

I have no idea who took the picture or where it was taken, but it’s special. At least for me. One glimpse from the past.
By some reason it remained me the old novel Time and Again by Jack Finney. It was published somewhere in 70's if I'd remember right. How to return back, really return back, how to find the real people behind these frozen, faded faces in the old photos. Today I found one. I feel so rich right now!

P.S. Just few hours later. Harry Harrison has died. Do you remember his Technicolor Time Machine? Along with Time and Again, these two were among my favorite Sci Fi books.  Ray Bradbury did left us as well just two monhs ago... Another glimpse of the past... another tiny parachute of dandelion seed  blown away into the Time River..

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