Thursday, 9 August 2012

Autumn in the air

By some unknown reason I can smell the autumn in the air today. Autumn in the air doesn't mean school only. It's also about knitting and other wool things for me. I love knitting but never in the spring. Spring for me means sewing, a quilt or two, and maybe a dress. Autumn comes with knitted socks and mittens, and sometimes something special, just for fun.

My youngest is moving into her "new" room. I can't say that I'm extremely happy with the outcome, but again - it's HER room and she is ecstatic about the outcome. She had the final say on everything and for her first design - not so bad. But it also means that I'm not doing anything with the sewing machine. So I thought that I can share one of my last year's creations.

 I was obsessed to make a cape for a while. Always wanted one, never actually had enough time to consider to make it seriously. Last autumn it was the right time. I already reduced my job amount and time in office, slowly getting into "stay at home mum" mode when I stumbled upon a large woollen blanket at the thrift shop. It was high quality wool, made in UK, large enough for my project. The only fault - it was pale yellow - way too light colour for what I wanted so I hand dyed it and then dig through my yarn stash... The rest was just into making.

So materials are:
1) a blanket from thift shop;
2) yarn leftovers from stash;
3)the only thing I bought was lining for the cape.

I used an old woollen skirt  for the base in the shoulder part so cape sits stable there. Quick stitching to make it stable and then just all the different autumn colour yarn lines.

 Sewing machine was not used at all in this project. All just a thread and a needle, very old fashioned way. LOL

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