Thursday, 2 August 2012

Makeover nightmares

I feel like I'm lost in this modern world of materials for renovation. The times when I felt like pro and actually knew what I'm doing, was 30 years ago. Since then the choice pf plastering materials itself seems like have grown to amount demanding a full college course to start with. Yes, you got it right - I am starting the quick makeover at least in some rooms. Welcome into my nightmare! LOL

I hate wasting money. I hate feeling like an idiot. Going to the DIY and finding exactly what you need and might need... humiliation for me. Because it means exactly that - spending money on silly things and feeling like an idiot.

 The other day shop assistant convinced me that I definitely will need a liquid to remove old wallpaper. Definitely! So, ok, I got that. Last night while I was dead after our day out the youngest decided to try to remove the wallpaper by herself. In an hour she removed one wall, all by herself and perfectly, without any removal liquid, simply dry. So now I feel like an idiot. Felling for tricks of the shop assistant. Urrrgh!

Today the other walls will be cleaned and then I will do the cracks, so no, no fancy felting or piecing for me until it's done. Pleasures of the summertime, ouch! LOL

Knowing all the horror coming I escaped to woods yesterday. What can be better than a day in a forest! Wild berries and mushrooms, weird moss and beautiful flowers!

And the beach in the middle of the nowhere where the only company you can find will be a lost beaver or a moose coming out for a swim in sea. The best day for a long I had.

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