Thursday, 16 August 2012

Itchy hands

I just can't wait to start the next project.  I"have no rush - this one has to be made for Christmas for a friend's mum. Today I just played with possible colours of the new one.Nothing pale - bold colours are ordered and when I looked at what I have - something like this one can be an option.

Currently I'm just playing with ideas and patterns. Idea is clear, now I just need to find the one which looks the best.

Simple, fast and bright. As it will be a present, I'm worried about my ability to quilt so for such a simple pattern just the basic quilting can be done and it will be functional bed cover without big possibility to look ugly due to my still poor quilting. Edges will be quite complicated as well but nothing I can't manage.

I'm trying and trying to find the best design, and now I see I will need to make borders.

Well, if I want borders to be like that corners still do not look really good but I hadn't seen better solution.

Of course, the latest design will mean 10X10 cm squares which means a lot of job instead of the 20X20 cm as I planned before but whatever.

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