Sunday, 19 August 2012

Proudly holding on! :D

So far it's going easy - no cigarette today! Over 36 hours now! Yay! I nearly lit one at noon and then the doorbell rang so I put it back and went to door. Somebody was just hoping that I will fill the poll form, ha! After that the urge was gone again.

I'm using TABEX. My son did quiet smoking on it so I have trust in it. Plus it's herbal. No seriou sideefects. And now I can recomend it - it really helps to stop the nicotine rush. Currently I'm fighting only with my social habits.

Plus I think it also has some antidepressant effect as well because I feel very positive and light. You know, everybody warns that trying to quit smoking make you grumpy. Not me! So I'm like alcoholic trying to quit now - counting hours without a cigarette.

I wanted to quit smoking a long time ago but I never had enough motivation to do so. This time the reason is very strong - one of the family members , also a smoker, must give up due to the serious health condition. So why not to join? To hold on not so much for me but to help her? FI would probably not do so. I liked smoking a lot. But for her it is crucial. She already has started to use electronic one and I'm on Tabex. Let's see where it will take both of us.

Hopefully I will not gain too much weight as I already have "few extra pounds"... well, let's be precise, STONES  :D I need to loose 2 stones already, so adding another one will not change anything dramatically. But I will get my breath back so it's worth the side effects :D And the best part - to kick the habits, I try to move around more and keep myself busy so I already am doing more! Yay!


  1. Awesome first day. 36 hours! The first 3 weeks are the worst, after that, the nicotine has left your system and the cravings are more manageable. How can your blog buddies help?

  2. Hi, Ann! Now I can add another 24 hours to the first 36. It is really surprising but it has been easy. When I was reading the comments on Tabex, it did not seemed as good as it is. Many researches said that Champix is better and so on. But it really take nicotine carving out. All I'm fighting is habits.
    Posting here is a help. I can't let myself down, what my blogging buddies will think of me? LOL It is a big help!