Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tangled in the web

OK, more like tangled in cobwebs! Makeover marathon continues...

I always wonder how they really are doing these makeovers in an hour on TV.  Because I'm working hard but nothing like an hour job. I did the ceiling yesterday. And last night  I finished putting up the paintable wallpapers. So far so good. No bubbles, no silly mistakes.

Actually I was very lucky last night. I started with the easy walls at the beginning, leaving the last wall with the window for the last - so many little piddly places there with all the central heating pipes and such.

I was tired already, it was close to midnight so at one moment I thought that it simply can't be true! One leftover was fitting in that gap perfect without any cutting, the next was right on the spot there - it was incredible, like they were precut exactly for these piddly spots. Usually my luck is quite opposite, following all the rules of  Murphy's Laws. 

My youngest decided that she wants a white/gray colours with some black accents. Not so bad - I was dreading pink fairytale or something like that. But she tries to be adult and serious. Plus she decided that with different sets of curtains, quilts and pillows she will be able to do her little makeovers as often as she wants if the base is monohromatic..

She already picked all the paintings she wants for her room (all these) and now I will have another headache to put them in some matching groups on the walls. 

But first of all the window, pipes and walls must be painted. If my lack continues, I will manage it today. 


  1. That last painting, who is the artist and what is its title? I really like how the sunlight hits the snow.

  2. These all are out of my family box, not really famous artists, but yes, that last one is my fav too. "Cozy snow" or something.