Monday, 21 April 2014


Today, instead of another lazy day of basting, I went to Zoo. Such beautiful day can’t be wasted indoors.  For me a day with a child and a camera in the Zoo is rather inspirational and creative.  Want to have fun with me?

How it works? Simply look around as creative moments can be spotted everywhere. Let’s say, there is a flock of flamingos. Snap! 

When later at night picture is uploaded, it’s time start playing. Let’s say, with some crop out filter. 

See? It doesn’t look like a flock of flamingos anymore – voila! – there comes a rather interesting design for a quilt! Easy! 

You can crop out even a much smaller bit to create just one block. 


then crop out filter,
then duplicate and rotate and... again something new!

This one is made out of a mandarin duck,
this is a wing of a cormoran,
and this one is stright out of the neck of a giraffe! Fun, isn't it? 

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