Saturday, 19 April 2014

The spring is here!

It’s a wonderful weekend here – the weather is unbelievable, earliest spring we ever had, according to the records. Extended weekend means that I’m out of my paper gathering rat race and I can enjoy four peaceful days! That’s a treat itself.   

Yesterday I was totally lazy, just lied on sofa, watched all three series of Black books and basted the rest of leaves I need for the pheasant quilt. Sun is shining, it’s + 20 C outside, birds are singing like mad and I have four days to enjoy it all uninterrupted! What can be better? 

I also had some time to start playing with my H2H project. I haven’t officially signed in as I’m leading quite hectic and unpredictable life right now so I can’t sign in on a long term project with full responsibility. But still - if I will have enough time, I want to give it a try.  So yesterday I made the first 16 blocks for the quilt and played a bit what I can do with them. 

The design of the H2H top still hasn’t settled in. I haven’t also decided on the charity I would like to donate it or on the type of the quilt, and I’m still brewing on all these. 

I’m not a really well organised person, I usually like the project grow as it goes, but maybe this time I need a different, better organised approach as I want the receiver to really enjoy it.  


  1. I've dug back into your posts about this quilt....ambitious, colorful, and very eye catching.....great work!

  2. Hi, Ann! I love your pheasant quilt, and I'm so pleased to see that you are considering joining in the H2H challenge! I do hope you'll continue with what you're working on - it's looking very interesting! Pretty blocks. Whoop whoop!!