Wednesday, 16 April 2014


My pheasants are finally starting to settle in. 

Sorry for uneven display but I still haven’t managed to free a wall for hanging so this is just a quick display over the bookshelves as I needed to hang it somewhere at least to see how it’s coming together.

As I warned before, for this quilt I wanted the kitsch, and it looks like I’m moving into the right direction. Now I will be off again, must make another hundred or so leaves, some guns, dogs and so on.... The corners are still empty waiting to be filled in.

I’m having so much fun, mentally adding all these silly details – takes a lot of time, but at the end it must look like a quilt for a “country gentleman”. That’s the idea for this one. I might even stack some half empty bottle in a corner somewhere. :D 

Never tried applique before, but I start likung it. One day, maybe when I will be old and useless, it would be a great time killer -  making tiny details and sticking them tigether for fun.

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