Monday, 21 April 2014


So far so good. Despite all the other things, the number of blocks for my H2H project has doubled to 32 blocks. 

As I’m heels over head with my pheasant quilt’s flower bouquets right now, it’s an amazing achievement for myself. LOL I’m really not good on multitasking (am I a female really?) and usually I finish one project completely before even considering to start something new. But right now I have two tops hanging around (one needs quilting, which is my last favourite job) and the other is pheasant appliqués.

Still haven’t decided what to do next with this H2H top – to carry on and stay on the safe side with the same blocks and the same colours (I might get bored, to be honest) or go brave by introducing two new colours for the block base. 

The dark red stripe (beautiful, rich cotton sateen) will continue through all the blocks the same way whatever I’ll decide on other colours - already cut and waiting. I might even use it all around for the borders. Still brewing on this. 

Anyway, this project is moving. Hope I will be able to say the same next month with oldest daughter’s wedding approaching and all other things!


  1. This is a great start for your H2H 2014. It would be great to get it finished for this year. It is lovely and will be a wonderful hug for someone who really needs it.

  2. Love that cool block! Can't wait to see it done.