Tuesday, 29 April 2014


This morning I got a phone call – a litter of seven had been abandoned in the open field and they are in urgent need for foster homes until vaccinated and dewormed, and old enough to go to shelter. So I agreed. 

Now two about 6 weeks old are running around here, creating a happy havoc. 

The brother is slower and more dominant while his sister is just a ball, full of energy, and in between all the activities ready to share kisses with everybody. The vet check this morning went great, they even haven’t had fleas and while not well fed, are not severely malnourished either. All they need is a bit of beefing up, a lot of love and socialization, and they will be great.
The brother just in few hours managed to understand the basic potty training and now is using only the newspapers in a tray – that’s makes the whole thing even easier. Sister still has some accidents around but I suspect that until tomorrow all will be in the right place.
It’s so much fun here right now that I can officially admit that my Pheasant Quilt is out of schedule already.

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  1. so sad when animals are abandoned .. just for the sake of having the mother spayed x Beautiful pups x your hands will be FULL for a while xx