Sunday, 27 April 2014

Time for creatures!

4 middle joints
After a hard and exhausting battle with myself (and my back) I finally finished the boring part – all the borders with flowers! 

Not ideal, but fits right for my cunning plan LOL 

So tomorrow I’ll be finally able to start the creature making  - I’m so-o looking for it as this had been a long exhausting week full of stressful events and decisions, and two of them had been really big. And I mean, BIG!

4 corners
One – I completed the adoption paperwork, handed all in and the case started to roll – right now it looks like in June I will be officially a mum to one more! Cool, isn’t it? 

 The other thing is as big as this one, but it’s not time to brag about it yet. I’ll keep that little secret a bit longer. 

Am I happy? No, definitely not. Both things will change my life in a big way and I’m not sure will I manage this all at once. But on the other hand – now I know for sure that until the end of my days my life will never be boring. That’s the only thing I’m certain of.

I had been also thinking about H2H quilt. Now I know to whom I really would like to donate it – to somebody, linked with army – a veteran or a family of a solder – something like that.

 You know, the recent development in Ukraine have stirred up the whole Europe, especially these, who live closer to Russia. I must admit that recent arrival of NATO troops here made me feel thankful. So I would like to give a little bit back, not directly, but that way it would be my silent thank you to boys, serving now.  

Today I'm linking with The Hermitage - a blog about art of living and creating, and Ceccilia Koppmann with a lot of interesting galleries to look at.


  1. boring is overrated .. go for interesting every time xx Try and stay safe x

  2. Oh, Diane, sometimes boring is what keeps you going, like, you know, keep calm and carry on! LOL