Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back into childhood

Do you have very special memories from your childhood? Special toys (other than favourite Teddy Bear) or special memories which comes with these toys?
Today I had a day full of memories, straight back into my childhood, remembering my granny. When I was about the same age as my youngest, she did a great job teaching me everything she knew - from needlework up to archery :)

Now my youngest decided that she wants the traditional costume. I agreed to help with more complicated items but some are quite simple even for her 9 years, and traditionally girls are making their costumes by themselves.

The simplest thing is a weaved belt to start with. We do have few at home, 100 + years old, which can be used for pattern. My little loom, suitable for such job, was lost in history many years ago, but I managed to find one, about 40 years old, still in working condition (THANK YOU, LAURA!), exactly like mine were.

So today I set everything up for my young lady to start with the basic technique, just to get the feel of weaving, and guess what? I had a fight 10:30 PM to convince her to leave the loom and go to bed.  "Pleas, just few more rows, PLEASE!"

She likes to make things. To make necklaces and earrings, occasional dress for her Teddy Bear or a little toys, some basic knitting and now she is keen to help with quilt, but weaving...  I was looking at her shining face and tried to remember myself when my granny was showing me the basics of weaving. The same feel, I do remember. :)

How much fun and happiness one old toy can give to multiple generations! I do believe now that my youngest will grow up to continue the traditions. My oldest already is into it - today she shared her latest yarn shopping stories and planned projects.  And now the youngest got the bug as well... Thanks to the old toy loom.

Of course, all this fun today means that no quilting was done at all... Small price to pay for all the fun. 



  1. so good to know the younger generation will be carrying on the traaditions xx

  2. Yes, Diane, by some silly reason it makes me really happy. I do understand that in this world such skills are not useful, but at the same time... I love the idea that there will be some who will be able to carry on.